Dilawar Singh Being Dilawar/ Tools/

I exactly dont remember when i first met him. He was in Production Eng. Dept and I was in Instrumentation. We used to be live on the same floor in first year of our graduation. When we started talking and became friend, i have no idea. But by the end of the first year we were nice friends.

He was a tall guy, slim, but used to gave a ‘O’ in his stomach. Generally attired in formals. We used to discuss old time movies stars along with other roommates. Last three years was not as much intractive. Ours dept were different so we used to have classes at different places. Whenever we used to meet each other, He used to start overreacting and all. Tried to cracks jokes and used to poke me in my stomach. On his jokes, i had to pass comments and he liked that.

I dont have many friends. Indeed I am left with no one around these days. Loosing a friend like is a disappointment. But the better side is, If I die tomorrow and goes to the somewhere where he went, i know I’ll be having a nice man over there to whom I can talk all day and night long… we talked to laugh.. to enjoy… to live the moments.. We’ll do it over there too…
You were a nice man Papi.. (that what we used to call him..)

dj – thats what he used to call me…..

PS: Take care of your hair, you were loosing them when you was here. hey dude, may be you can visit me sometime if possible, dont worry I wont hurt you!! :-)