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For a person without deep pockets, finding good quality electronic components is a big challenge. There are usually two options: go to the likes of https://digikey.in and https://mouser.in and spend quite a lot for a premium quality, or go to your local electronic market and pray that the stuff you bought has a decent quality. For hobbyist, early stage startup (like us), and students, finding a vendor who can deliver a good compromise is very challenging.

Fortunately there are some options. I’ve used following stores to buy components especially boards, sensors and other kits. I am very happy with their services. Both of them did prompt deliveries.

You can easily find popular boards, kits and general purpose sensors. At the time of writing, robu has a larger inventory but evelta has some newer cutting-edge boards. In fact, after going through their inventories, we replaced ST boards with a ReSpeaker board for prototyping since the ecosystem around ReSpeaker board is open-source and easy to start with. Getting started with a st-board was relatively hard (theirs docs are still in PDF!!)

Both of these stores have ticketing systems for support. Most Indian shops are yet to learn a lot about customer support. I’ve not yet used evelta support but I’ve had queries for robu about available products. Robu was responsive. All in all, happy to see that local ecosystem is getting better. Best wishes to both of them!