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I have developed some python scripts available here. I have used them in EE705 (VHDL, verilog) and found them very useful. It generates detailed log (which file matches which file) and sent emails to offenders with an archive of all file which were matched. It is integrated with my moodle-application (automatic download, extract, compare, sending-emails.) It also generates graphs (using python graph-tool) which shows the level of copying in the assignments. Few graphs are attached in this post. Thickness of edge (and hotness of edge color) shows the level of similarity. This gives a quite a picture of the class. [caption id=”attachment_559” align=”aligncenter” width=”522” caption=”Graph shows suspects of plagiarism. Each edge represent a pair of files containing significant matching. Edge thickness (and hotness of color) is the amount of similarity.Similar to previous one. But it shows the the level of interaction among students. As usually heavy and red - edges shows significant copying while light blue edges shows that fragments of text was similar (which may shows the level of discussion).This is the dirty and detailed graph. It shows a overall interaction between codes submitted by student. Many students have more than 1 file which mathces (parallel edge)”][/caption]