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If you are a mutt user and working at NCBS Bangalore, you can setup your account in mutt as following. set from="REAL_NAME " set from="USER NAME " set hostname="imaps://imap.ncbs.res.in" set folder="imaps://imap.ncbs.res.in" set record="+INBOX.Sent" set imap_user="NCBS_USER" set imap_pass="NCBS_PASS" set postponed="=Drafts" set spoolfile="+INBOX" set signature="sign.txt" set smtp_url="smtp://NCBS_USER@mail.ncbs.res.in" smtp_pass="$NCBS_PASS" set realname="$REAL_NAME" In short incoming server is imap.ncbs.res.in and outgoing server is mail.ncbs.res.in. Use default ports. To get smtp server information, you can always use (in terminal) msmtp -v --host=mail.ncbs.res.in --serverinfo --tls=on --tls-certcheck=off --port 25

Setup in BlueMail or other Android clients

For most clients, following settings should work.