Politics of Resentment

The disintegration of the Congress party over the last few decades is well-deserved. Many factors have contributed to this disintegration, including corruption, indiscipline, and the sheer ineptitude and lethargy of its aging leadership. Fortunately for the Congress, the old eventually die. The condition of Congress seems to be improving lately. In particular, its leadership’s paralysis …

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Voice activity detection using SoX

Install SoX. Relevant documentation (search for vad). Let’s say your vice file is a.wav. $ play ~/Downloads/a.wav vad norm /home/dilawars/Downloads/a.wav: File Size: 52.3k Bit Rate: 328k Encoding: Signed PCM Channels: 1 @ 16-bit Samplerate: 20500Hz Replaygain: off Duration: 00:00:01.27 In:100% 00:00:01.27 [00:00:00.00] Out:20.0k [ | ] Hd:0.0 Clip:0 Done. It is decent! You can play …

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