(Almost) The first advertisement featuring a cricketer in India

From : Back page of ‘Bombay Pentangular’, S. K. Roy (1945) featuring C. K. Rayudu – India’s first great cricketer.

Major C.K. Nayudu, once again, as on the first day of the match, was the idol of the huge crowd. Whether ‘C.K.’ played a ball, sent down a delivery or did some fielding, everything was cheered. Going out after tea on Sunday, he was literally mobbed by youthful admirers, each wanting to tap their hero on the back. Evidently they forgot that the Major’s broad shoulders carried a covering of human flesh and there was a limit to slaps of appreciation. When stumps were drawn, Nayudu had to run to the Club House to avoid being shouldered. The crowd was not to be outdone fully and they refused to disperse unless Nayudu came out. The Major had to appear three times on the Club House top dock before the thousands, who called for ‘Nayudu’, decided to tread their way back.

[1] : http://dilawars.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/notes-on-c-k-naidu/

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