In praise of : Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Students of psychology and history will have to tell us why M.S. Dhoni is not considered the greatest of Indian cricketers while many others with much less to show for themselves are considered worthy of this title by many? I agree that comparison between generation can be misleading but comparison between achievements should not be.

If he is not considered greatest because of a lack of technique or "graceful" hitting then one wonders about our value system. If one gets his job done very well despite of having a bad technique, should it matter? Or should he be considered incredibly creative?

In addition to being the most successful captain, he is one of the finest batsmen (consider the spot at which he bats), a good wicket-keeper and the most self-reliant and mentally strong sportsman. How many times have you seen him compensating his lack of skills by a boyish display of aggression?

Moreover he belongs to a sub-species among Indians who rose to the top with little or no help from anyone else. Anyone who is from a disadvantageous background has to be more than average to do the average. And he had accomplished some great things, he must be the greatest.

Credit is due to Mr. P.C. Podar and Raju Mukherjee who noticed and recommended him for U19 team. A special thanks to Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar who has a long a glorious history of nurturing cricket in India for selecting him. It is always a joy watching him on the ground play and lead.



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  1. i have few questions for you.did ya play cricket during your school and college days?if you have played cricket,are you a passionate cricketer?

    my perspective is totally different from yours,its hard to convince someone when one’s view is exactly opposite to yours, so am not speaking my mind on this issue.

    1. The only game I have ever played is cricket. And I even played it during my high-school examination. For last 6 yeas, I have not touched the bat or ball tough. I am not sure whether it will fit into your passionate cricketer list or not.

      Well, you can say whatever you wish to say about your faviorite crickter. We are talking about sportsmen, people develop strong likeling and disliking for them for no particular reason.

      1. when we speak of something,people form opinions based on two factors,one is based on fact and another based on hype/illusion/fact distortion.
        as a passionate cricketer from my school days,i always believed in fair play of cricket and cricket as a game is more important than nation and individuals.

        match fixing evolved after ipl-1,match fixers are team owners ,cricket boards and broadcaster .the case of sreesanth became sensational coz the fixing is done outside cricket community. in past,match fixing used to happen from betting mafia and few players.this generation fixing happens within cricket community.

        after watching all hype and analysis by cricket experts before world cup 2011,it was very clear that india bought 2011 world cup by fixing cricket boards with the help of espn-star. a week before start of world cup 2011,i told everyone around me that india bought world cup.people called me pessimist for speaking facts.i was my school cricket team captain who played game with all seriousness,i know whats body language of a serious cricketer.when i saw australia,pakistan,srilanka losing matches against india,it made me very sad though am indian coz the loser here is cricket.for any genuine cricketer,its not about his nation winning the match,but the fair play of cricket that decides winner.if you call m s dhoni as best finisher in a game where bowlers like muthiah muralitharan and other pace bowlers are under performing while sangakarra was n’t serious enough to make fielding changes.its like WWE.its not just DHONI,any player performing well in a fixed match where other team is under performing intentionally is not considered as cricket or serious sport.

        you can take example of india touring south africa after ipl in past. steyn and morne morkel massacred india in first test with their pace.when broadcaster and cricket boards felt they are not making money while india losing,they made one of south africa pace bowlers to rest in the name of injury.that series was drawn.if you decide game cricket based on trp’s,you can’t call dhoni as best finisher or best batsman or best captain.

        take example of recent champions trophy in england-wales,they discarded rules though its raining heavily and its beyond stipulated time.the way england lost its last 4 wickets and it din’t look like was like movie after pre-production work.

        when genuine talent/game doesn’t make money and things interesting ,then money makes game interesting by can ask any cricketing legend off the record like viv richards,ian botham,allan border,sunny gavaskar who witnessed worldcup 2011,they will say india bought 2011 cup.ipl fixing is not new,it has been into fixing from day1.movement of camera and its angles,commentators desperate analysis to cover flaws in game,biased umpiring,body language of cricketers says clearly who is fixing matches.

        this money over game deal is not just into cricket,its in tennis,soccer and other sports too.who cares for spirit of game when a losing team gets more cash prize than winning team to help sponsors and broadcasters to mint money..

        after winning 2011 world cup,sport journos asked syed kirmani whether he will rate this team as best winning team compared to kapil’s team,he laughed out loudly,that laugh says everything.these days most of cricket matches are like movies,it will entertain who can’t predict story line,it will spoil a person’s day if he can predict.

  2. @Rohan i must say you are one hell of a person as you can understand from someone’s laugh what he is willing to say and even you are such a talent who can just by his mere thoughts can make some team culprit of match fixing.hats off to you.

  3. well abhijeet,i quoted syed kirmani in the end after analysing everything as a cricketer.i don’t form opinion based on others perspective,its sad that you din’t understand all my above paragraphs and you came to conclusion with my last para.

    i am forced to comment kirmani coz indian cricket fans are part of corrupt india and they don’t like honest view or reality that takes away their day to day fun.i mean,indian cricket fans are too dumb to understand or accept reality.if you still don’t believe me,take appointment to meet sunil gavaskar and ask him what happens in cricket these days.he will say same thing that i wrote in above paragraphs.

    i hope you don’t argue when truth is picture perfect.

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