Joining electrical engineering department at IIT Bombay for post-graduation?

Still enjoying success in GATE? Well, it’s a good time now to come out of your shell and start preparing yourself for some engineering work before your success do some permanent damage to you. GATE (or any examination) tests theoretical knowledge and has little to do with skills. I have had some classmates who could not even compile a program and had great percentile in GATE. Mere theoretical knowledge is not a replacement of real engineering skills. It is a truism that skills rarely counts for anything when it comes to admissions on our technical universities. But is it a good reason for not acquiring skills at all? What I mean to say that GATE or JEE or any competitive examination test only how fast you can do menial mental calculations. It has nothing to do with creativity and skills which are of great importance in real world for solving some real time problems. To draw an analogy, knowing the theory of how to hit a ball in the game of cricket does not make anyone a good batsman. Theory helps but it really takes practice to master any skill.

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