The game of “Bulls and Cows” : A python implementation

Recently, a friend taught me a simple game of bulls and cows. This game goes like this. There are two players, A and B. A thinks of a 4-letter word and asks B to guess it. Assume that A thought of “link” and B guesses “lean”. The bulls are the number of letters which are common to both words at the same location in both words , for example “l” is a bull in "link" and "lean". The cows  are number of letters which are common to both words but not bull. Letter “l” and “n” are common to both but “l” is the bull, so “n” is the only cow. This guess or "lean" has one bull and one cow. Player A tells B the number of bulls and cows. This helps B in making the next guess; the process goes on till B finds the word.
I wrote a python program to play this game on your computer. I am not sure if it will work on windows. It will definitely work on Linux. Check out repository implementation of the game.
I will also write an algorithm which would find the word of A in minimum steps.

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